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On New Year's Eve, we had a nice dinner (with champagne) and then celebrated Pappy's birthday after the boys were in bed.

Simon and Toby on New Year's Eve! We stayed in the apartment, the grown-ups watched the ball drop on TV and watched fireworks as far as the eye could see from our balcony, which was pretty cool!

On New Year's Day (Pappy's actual birthday), it was a little cooler (well, 76 degrees) and breezy, so we were glad we had planned to spend the day exploring South Beach rather than on the beach.

Toby enjoying the ride

We always find a place to jump - even on South Beach!

Heading home the next day - boys with their toys!

After we landed in Baltimore, we visited Dan and Marie (and the dogs) and had dinner before driving home to Philadelphia.

And that's it for 2008! Thanks for reading, everyone, and Nicole pledges to keep Muthersite up to date in 2009!

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