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Erik and Nicole went out to dinner and accidentally ordered a massive amount of food. Yes, this is an order of green curry for one person!!

This would be Erik's chirashi for one. Unfortunately we also had large appetizers, so we were completely stuffed and had leftovers!

Simon's favorite swimming pool activity. Get ready...


...and completely engulf Mommy with a giant splash. Repeat 50 times.

Playing with Toby

We spent all of New Year's Eve at the swimming pool and on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day - and so bright, that the boys actually consented to wear their hats.

Our sand city

The architect at work


December 2008

Nicole and Erik go to Seattle

Snow in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seatle

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas morning (a little early)

Christmas morning for real

Heading to Miami!


Miami Seaquarium

More Miami Seaquarium

The last day of 2008

New Year's Eve, and heading home