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Pat and Lisa's house is near the top of a steep hill, which on Sunday morning was basically a sheet of ice.

We entertained ourselves by watching cars slide up and down the hill most of the morning! And of course, some of the guys had to try sliding down the hill - they got some good speed up and just hoped that no cars came along!

Emre and Lale (barely) made it up the hill, avoiding an accident on the other side of the street, to join us for the morning - which meant we got to meet their 12-month-old daughter, Nese. (pronounced "NE-sheh")

Nicole had fun playing with Avellina. Baby dolls and strollers are not part of Nicole's daily life at home!

Daddy Emre with Nese

Nese again

Most of the gang - Alex had already left to return home by this time, unfortunately!



December 2008

Nicole and Erik go to Seattle

Snow in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seatle

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas morning (a little early)

Christmas morning for real

Heading to Miami!


Miami Seaquarium

More Miami Seaquarium

The last day of 2008

New Year's Eve, and heading home