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Simon was sick the week before Christmas. Here we're keeping the poor sick fussy baby happy: sitting on the kitchen stepstool (in the living room), watching Baby Einstein and eating raisins straight from the container. Hey, whatever works.

All better in time for Christmas! Mommy left all the present wrapping to the last minute, which she is NEVER going to do again. Here are all the packages, with Simon working on unwrapping one...

By Christmas, we were all worn out. This was taken Christmas Eve day. Simon suddenly flipped out for no apparent reason late morning that day (well, the trigger was that Mommy made him get dressed. I guess as kids get older, that's reason enough to have a tantrum). So we went downstairs to calm down and watch a little TV with a pacifier and Lion, and the next thing we knew, he was asleep! Mommy was so worn out from staying up late all week (see above) that she promptly followed suit.

Christmas Eve, in the afternoon. We've perked up now. The Muthers all assembled at Tom and Katie's house this year since they have the new baby (not quite three weeks old at Christmas!). It was a really warm day (by December standards) and Simon had a lot of fun running around outside with his aunts.

"Dat!" (Translation: "Airplane!")

Just threw the ball to the dog.


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