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Something happened to this page of our web site, so I had to recreate it in June 2005. Very interesting exercise because it was a blast from the past. This is Wendy and Alan waving from the beach just a few minutes from their house. They've since moved back to Philadelphia!

Same beach. Can you imagine living in that pink house?

And WOW! Here's Nicole very pregnant! This was my last trip before Simon was born. I was 33 weeks!! I remember feeling pretty good during this trip except one day when I had some muscle cramps -- I presume because of the heat. So funny that we didn't know who was in there yet.

Their very cute car.

And I remember I titled this "the three of us" hanging out on the hammock! Now I can say Wendy, me and Simon-to-be!

We went out to dinner at a moroccan restaurant with belly dancers!

The rest of this section was unaffected, so I'll return you to captions written at the time...


Trip to Bermuda, May 2004