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In August, we drove down to the Lehman-Cochran beach house (known as "Nana's Beach" by the boys - check out lcbeach.com). The house is still under constuction. Erik and Toby had a sneak peek in May, but this was Nicole and Simon's first chance to see the house since the previous year - when it was just a foundation!

Future screened porch

View from the second floor of tidal pond and beach

We managed to load Simon's truck into the back of our car and bring it with us, figuring this was the best possible place to drive it around. He pulled the wagon with Toby, cooler and beach toys down to the beach!

The house as viewed from the beach.

Simon after a long day on the beach

Simon was fascinated with Sherman (and yes, that's a real combat helmet of Ed's that he's wearing!).


Getting ready for bed, each with a Richard Scarry book

Fast alseep



August 2008

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