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Classic Toby angle: I hold the camera! This shot was taken at the Muther Lake House, where the boys went for four days (and Nicole joined for two days).

The day Nicole arrived was cold and rainy, but we did get outside for a little while at the end of the day. Simon was having fun making faces...

...as you can see.

The next day was warm and sunny!

Checking out the nice weather with Daddy.

Cuddle time with Daddy.

Annual isn't-it-beautiful Lake House photo.

Mommy took Simon for a little spin on the surf ski! Only over shallow water -- it was a little hard to balance with the extra body on board!

And Daddy took both boys on the row boat.

Toby loves the water!

It's hard work playing in the water -- I need a snack.


August 2007

At the Lake House

A Wiggles Concert, and Simon takes over the camera