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In August, Erik returned to work and Toby started daycare. We did leave some time for a few trips to see the relatives and frolic in the gorgeous summer weather. Both boys are growing fast and are wanting to do more for themselves. This, unfortunately, does not translate into less work for Mommy and Daddy, but it does represent new and exciting experiences.

This is what I want...

Oh, it's good for me too...

Don't worry, I'll make it myself!

Simon ready for some soccer action.

Do you want to play?

Where can I get one of these hats?

Rowing with uncle Tommy.

Toby's turn to hang with uncle Tommy.

The Muther grand kids together with Farfar (grandpa).


August 2006 - Summertime continues!

Toby feeds himself and Simon in Cape Cod

Visiting the Muther summer cottage

Enjoying the summer at home

Trips to the Zoo and Hagerstown

Fun in the Cordell Gardens