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Marie arrived in Turkey the day before we did. We arrived Sunday afternoon. After lunch at Emre's parent's house (the first of many yummy Turkish meals!) Emre's father took us to a little cafe along the Bosphorus where Erik and Marie had Turkish coffee and Nicole had orange juice.

You may want to check out the map of Istanbul to help orient yourself to where we were for the week.

This is the cafe (in the middle) as seen from the Bosphorus on our last day (sneak peak of what lies ahead!).

We walked along the Bosphorus after our drinks.

Photo: Marie

On Monday, we met up with the "Coastal 4", a.k.a. Lisa, Patrick, Dan, and Josh, who had spent the previous week traveling along the Turkish coast. This is lunch on the roof of their hotel, with a marvelous view of the Blue Mosque.

Nicole at lunch.

The hotel also had great benches with cushions, under a canopy, which we all gravitated toward!

A view of the Blue Mosque from the roof of the hotel.


August 2005 - Trip to Turkey

Our arrival and meeting the gang

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Prince's Islands continued

Saturday - going to the wedding

Wedding - cocktail hour

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Sunday brunch and boat tour