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Simon has decided that he likes "ats" after all! He also likes his pacifier -- you'll see it a lot more often this month. Since Toby's arrival, he's been asking for it more often -- probably because he sees Toby's. He never takes Toby's pacifier though -- he knows which ones are his own.

Simon is talking more and more this month. His words now include "ab-buy" (apple), "orruff" (orange), "b'naina" (banana), "be-be" (baby/Toby), "book" (self-explanatory), "zir-kye" (circle), and "bock" (bike), among many others. Balls are still "dickum"s and food is still "babum", go figure. He also identifies many animals by their sounds ("nay", "ba ba ba", the sweetest little "meow" you'll ever hear, and believe it or not, he actually makes a sound like an elephant trumpeting) and he's starting to identify colors (he even says "boo" and "orruff").

He hasn't been phased much by Toby's presence in the house. On one occasion when Nicole was alone with both boys and nursing Toby, Simon did come over and pull Nicole out of her chair, lead her to the dining room and point to the swing to indicate that she should put the baby down and pay attention to him. Of course we just think that by suggesting a solution (rather than just throwing a fit) he was not only unbearably cute as usual, but he also showed remarkable maturity for his age. But then again, we may just be biased parents who think our kid is the greatest ever... who are we to say?

So back to the happenings of the month of April! You may recall from the end of March that Erik's mom came to help out at the beginning of April. On the first weekend, we took a road trip over to Haverford both because it was a beautiful spring day, and also to briefly see James and Laura and meet their little girl, Clara.

This is Clara!

So here's a reality check for Nicole. Sitting in the sun on Founders Green: did that many, many times in college. Sitting in the sun on Founders Green, nursing a three week old baby in full public view: now that's something that she NEVER anticipated her future would hold!

Simon helping out with the yard work.

On Sunday, Pappy and Grammy drove up to see Ulla and to see Toby. You just can't keep them away from babies! It was another stunning day, and we had Toby in the sun for the benefit of his jaundice.

Watching the trains, one of Simon's favorite passtimes.


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