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The Sesame Street toy is Simon's favorite. Here he's tasting Elmo's eyes.

Isn't this toy cool?

Mommy reads Simon his favorite book - "One Yellow Lion".

As Simon's food choices get more interesting, Sooty is starting to hang around during meal times. He's officially an "omnivore kitty" now. His favorites include carrots and spinach lasagne (shown here).

Riding down to the basement in the toy basket.

Anna and Daniel came over for a nice dinner. This is the meal we discovered that Simon likes raw baby spinach... he ate half Anna's salad.

Hanging out after dinner...

This picture was taken three minutes before Nicole said "I really don't think he's feeling well. His face is totally white. Look at how pale his lips are," and three and a half minutes before Simon barfed up his entire lunch.

This was the start of a five day stomach flu for Simon, and a five day stomach flu for Mommy (overlapping Simon's last day), and a five day stomach flu for Pappy who sacrified himself to take care of Simon that overlapping day. Daddy got it too, miserable in a hotel room in Boston by himself...


April 2005

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