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Phew! A not-so-busy month at last. Toby loves his car.

Asleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Monkey is Toby's indispensible bedtime toy, along with a blue blanket (which is next to Simon's hand).

Also note the pink blanket. Simon lost his "other blanket" at one point (he has two taggie blankets: the original, "blanket," and a second one, "other blanket"). We were completely flummoxed about where it had gone - he had it one morning and didn't have it at bedtime that night - and Simon's explanation seemed as good as any: he decided that a bird took it and flew up into the sky and now other blanket was up in the clouds.

Having just blanket wasn't cutting it - it wasn't as soft or something - so after a week of searching, we finally went to the store and bought him a new one, which naturally became known as "other other blanket". The only one in the store was pink with flowers, but Simon didn't care and we decided we didn't either. He was so happy to see a lot of the same tags on other other blanket, it was very cute and we definitely decided it was worth buying it for him!

It was also very fortunate that we bought the new blanket, because just a couple of days later, Simon's pacifier broke! This was literally a life event for him, a major loss. He was at the point where he only accepted one pacifier as his, and when it broke, he had no interest in any others (nor did we encourage him to try to find another). We kept it, and for months he would periodically take it out and look and it, and we'd have conversations about how when some things break, we can fix them, but there are some things that can't be fixed... exhibit A, the pacifer. Simon's standard fix -it suggestion, tape (he recently said "but Mommy, tape can fix anything"), just wasn't going to cut it for this purpose!

Other blanket finally showed up... mixed in with a pile of rarely-folded blankets on the basement sofa. So other other blanket now keeps Lal's brother company in the back of the closet (Lal's brother, of course, being the backup stuffed lion toy for Simon's indispensible "Lal". They look nothing alike, since Lal has been well loved for over four years now, so on the rare occasions when he comes out, he's explained away as Lal's brother).

Simon and cousin Lizzie at the zoo.

Photo by Simon

Another photo by Simon

One of Toby's favorite activities is playing in the water at the sink. Also note the drumstick on the counter... he's obsessed.

And, the classic silly face.

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April 2008

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